Happy St. Patrick's Day! Beannacht & a Cupan Tae!

Did you know that more tea is consumed per capita in Ireland than anywhere else in Great Britain? The only country in the world to drink more tea per capita is Turkey. The average tea intake in Ireland is four cups a day with many people there drinking up to six cups a day. Now I know why I'm such a tea drinker - it's in my ancestry....well, a part of my ancestry...on my Dad's maternal side! 

The Gaelic name for an Irish cup of tea is "cupan tae" and it consists of one part milk to two parts tea, with the milk going into the cup or mug first, not after. This tradition goes back to the early 1800s when tea for the masses was of poor quality and strongly brewed, so lots of milk and sugar were added to make it more palatable. Pouring the milk in first also protected the fine china cups from cracking due to the hot tea. Today tea aficionados keep this tradition of pouring the milk in first because it is said that it gives a better tasting tea.

Irish breakfast tea is known for its robust, malty flavor & reddish color. It's more robust than English breakfast tea, but not as strong as a Scottish breakfast tea. Irish tea is either Assam on its own or mostly Assam blended with Ceylon or East African teas. 

If you are looking for some wonderful teas to give you a feeling of being in Ireland, here are my top three recommendations:

1) Port Side Irish a fun spin on Irish tea with Jon Boy Whiskey & Sea Salt Caramel Pieces from Beach House Teas - DISCOUNT CODE: MINDFULTEAQUEEN10

2) Irish Breakfast Tea and...

3) Assam both from Open Door Tea - DISCOUNT CODE: TAMIKOWAL
For all three of these teas, go Irish and drink with milk! Plant-based milks, although not authentic to Irish tradition, are a great option. I personally love oat milk or soy milk the most with this kind of bold tea. In closing, I want to leave you with this beautiful poem, "Beannacht" (An Irish Blessing) by my favorite Irish writer, the late John O'Donohue. I hope you enjoy it alongside your mindful cupan tae!



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