A Must Try Puerh!

Are you a fan of puerh tea? Have you tried it? I have had it plenty of times, but to be honest I don’t have a lot of it in my tea stash. So, I was delighted (tealighted?) to try the new organic Totem Ripe Minis from one of my local Seattle favorites, Miro Tea ! They arrived in a 2 ounce zip pouch with 5 wrapped mini cakes inside. Each EU certified organic ripe puerh mini cake is 10 grams. For my tea sitting, I broke one cake in half and steeped it gongfu style in my gaiwan. It’s important to give the tea a five second rinsing before steeping to wake up the leaves. You could also brew half a cake in a teapot. Looking at Miro’s website I learned that these tea plants are of Assamica varietal and are organically grown and cultivated 4500 ft up  Ma Wei, in Simao Yunnan, China. I love when a company can tell me exactly where my tea was grown!! πŸ™ŒπŸƒ 

I also learned that as far as puerh tea is concerned these mini cakes are a fairly young age. They were harvested, fermented, and pressed in 2020. That said, don’t let the young age fool you. The brew was rich, bold, and smooth. I detected earthy, woody, mahogany notes with a sweet aftertaste. I was able to re-steep this flavorful puerh six times. I think those who enjoy ripe puerh tea will love these satisfying cakes. I certainly did. 

Also, I can’t help but mention how cute they are. I know perhaps cuteness shouldn’t count when it comes to evaluating tea, but how can you resist these adorably packaged Miro mini cakes? I love the gold foil Miro logo on the white paper wrapper. I always say that beauty is a part of tea ceremony, well these are beautiful and cute! These cute mini cakes are very special and they deserve this beautiful wrapping! If you are looking for a bold & flavorful ORGANIC ripe pu-erh that’s also cute & will easily tag along wherever you go, this is it! πŸ₯°☕️πŸ’―


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