DIY Savory Vegan Tea Time

A scrumptious vegan tea time! Keemun Earl Grey from  CC Fine Tea and homemade vegan cheddar save-the-piggy biscuits! Hits the spot!  In my dream world vegan afternoon tea would be a easily found thing at every tea establishment. Until then, I fly DIY! 

These biscuits are so easy to make. Just use store-bought bake at home biscuits in a can. Of course read the ingredients to make sure they are vegan. :) I like Trader Joe’s or Annie’s brand. Follow the directions to pop open the can and remove the biscuits. They will easily pull apart in half. In between each half add a circle of vegan cheese and a circle of Tofurky deli slices. You can layer as much as you want depending on how full you want to biscuit to be. Then put the biscuit back together and follow the remaining baking directions on the can. It’s that easy - and so delicious!

Cheers! ☕️🐷💗


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