Elderflower Rose Matcha Latte

Happy Matcha Monday! If you are reading this on any other day of the week please know that those are perfectly good days to enjoy matcha too! 

Before I get started on the recipe, I want to share the importance of using a high quality matcha to get the best and most naturally sweet flavor. I highly recommend using the organic, ceremonial matcha from Magic Hour Tea (my affiliate link). This is truly the brightest & creamiest matcha I have ever tasted. And I have tasted a lot of matcha! This matcha is sourced from a pristine, lush valley in Kagoshima, Japan, far away from pollutants and toxins. They carefully harvest & store the tea leaves in a dark place and grind them fresh just before shipping to Magic Hour. 

There are so many benefits of Ceremonial Matcha, even compared to other green teas, because the whole tea leaf is used. Ceremonial Matcha contains the highest levels of L-Theanine, an amino acid that is said to increase alpha wave activity in the brain, reduce anxiety, and increase focus. I want to be clear in not making any health claims but can share that it is my go-to tea for calming my mind & body, boosting my energy, & quieting my sugar cravings. 

One of my favorite ways to enjoy my Ceremonial Matcha besides sipping it on its own, is to make a matcha latte. This is admittedly more of a treat and since it includes a sweetener, I can't say that this drink curbs my sugar cravings - it indulges them! But that's ok, moderation, right?!


1 cup plant based milk of choice (I like using Oat or Soy - both are so creamy)

1 tablespoon dried rose petals

1/2 tablespoon Magic Hour Ceremonial Matcha

2 tablespoons Belvoir Elderflower & Rose Cordial

optional: dried rose petals, elderflowers, osthmanthus, or other flowers for decorative topping

Mix all the ingredients on the stovetop or in an electric frother until warm. Strain the heated matcha mix and pour into a warm cup or mug. I like to warm my cups and mugs with just boiled water before pouring my matcha into them. Top with a beautiful display of flowers or just sip as is. Enjoy! 


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