Constant Comment, Grandma, and Mindfulness in a Teacup

Hello, my Dear Reader! If you are reading this post, chances are you were directed here from my Mindful Tea Queen Instagram or Facebook account. Regardless of how you landed here, I am happy you are here. Pour yourself a cuppa tea, sit back, & relax. You are amongst kindred spirits. 

I often like to say that I have been sipping tea mindfully since the 1970's. My first memories of mindfully sipping tea go way back to being five years old, helping my Croatian grandmother to prepare Constant Comment tea in her yellow tiled 1930's Detroit kitchen. The smell of the orange rinds, cinnamon, and black tea comforted me as much as being with my loving and ever patient grandma. The olfactory system is indeed so powerful that inhaling these aromas today can take me right back to those moments. I didn't know it back then, but grandma & I were sharing mindful tea together. We were fully present during the tea making and sipping. We had no distractions like cell phones, tv news, or even other household duties. We stopped and had tea together, sitting at her white with gold glitter formica table on vinyl covered chairs that would stick to my skin in the warmer months. I loved watching the steam rise from my cup and feeling the warmth in my hand. The taste of the tea was sweet, spicy, and went so well with the cookies dusted in powdered sugar she made. I can still see my Grandma in her flowered housecoat which she often wore over her clothes. Sometimes we told stories, often we sang songs from her youth, and we were comfortable together in silence too. Today when I prepare tea my grandma is always in my heart. 

Dear Reader, do you take time in your day to hit the pause button with some tea & quiet? If not, I encourage you to try it! Many of you are working from home right now due to the pandemic. If you have children, they might be home doing "virtual school". Why not take a tea break with them today and draw attention to their five senses throughout the making & sipping of the tea. If you do not have children, be like a kind grandmother to yourself and treat yourself to this renewing pause. What do you see, hear, smell, feel, and taste? If a thought comes in that distracts you from your mindful tea experience, that's okay. Don't judge it or yourself. Just notice (it wants to be seen) and then return to experiencing your tea with your five senses. 

If you are working outside of the home, when you are able, take a tea break at work. This involves thinking ahead of time with a thermos of pre-made hot tea, if you don't have the ability to steep your own tea at work. Take 5 minutes to sit and slowly sip your tea mindfully. What do you see, hear, smell, feel, and taste? 

I would love to hear from you, Dear Reader. Have you tried this? How did it go for you? When we commit to a daily mindful tea practice, we begin to see shifts take place in our lives. The tea serves as an anchor for us as we free our minds from worry, tension, overthinking, and overwhelm. 

Tea blessings to you and yours! 

Tami, aka The Mindful Tea Queen


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