Welcome to The Mindful Tea Queen!

This blog has been steeping in my mind for a long time. I decided it was finally time to pour the tea, so to speak, and make it a reality!

As someone who has enjoyed loose leaf tea for over the past decade and delights in a tea practice daily, I am excited to have this forum to further celebrate the world of tea with you!

One of the things that I love best about loose leaf tea is how the very act of preparing it gives us permission to slow down and pay attention to the present moment. After all, a good cup of loose leaf tea cannot be rushed. The tea must be selected and measured into an infuser; the water must be heated, poured over the tea leaves, and allowed to steep for the desired time; the tea must be carefully poured and (hopefully) savored. And of course, we can go even deeper than this, engaging each of our five senses as we prepare the tea, making the experience like a meditation,

In this way, Tea is Peace.

That is one of my favorite sayings about tea. I hope that this blog invites you to learn more about tea, to create a daily tea practice of your own, and brings you much peace. The kettle is on...let's begin...


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