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Loose Leaf Tea Snob or Mindfully Aware?

I forget sometimes when I tell someone I am a tea lover, that I need to specify that I am a LOOSE LEAF tea lover. That's because many people will think I'm talking about a name-brand black tea bag that comes in a box found at every grocery store. It's no wonder they can't understand why I'm so crazy-bananas-over-the-moon-passionate about tea!  Ahhh, yes, loose leaf tea is a world apart from what you'll find in a tea bag. It is loose leaf tea that helped me discover mindfulness decades ago. Before that, I had been drinking from tea bags but never felt inspired to slow down in the authentic way that loose leaf tea invites.  Just today a friend alerted me to a wellness power couple launching their own line of mindfulness teas. Very exciting! Because of their platform, people are signing up by the thousands day after day to learn more. I was curious, so I tuned into a live video of theirs when I saw it flash across my phone. I congratulated them in the comments and

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