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The Mindful Tea Queen Tea Review Policy

I f you follow me on Instagram or read this blog, you know that I am crazy about loose leaf tea. I drink it daily, several times a, cold-brewed, in lattes, and so on! You may also know that I am often asked to taste and review loose leaf teas for various tea businesses. What you might not know, however, is that I actually have a tea review policy. Although I do have a policy of transparency , honesty , and integrity when reviewing loose leaf teas, I haven't written it down for all to see - and I thought it was high time I did! Without further delay, here is my Tea Review Policy. It is how I have always operated and will continue to conduct all tea reviews in the future.  My policy when reviewing tea is:  1) I will only post and write about teas I truly enjoy and feel good about recommending.  2) I will disclose if the tea was gifted to me or if I am affiliated with the company. 3) I only drink loose leaf tea, so I do not review teabags.  More about  #1 - Before agreeing

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