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As The Steam Rises From Our Tea, So Shall We! Tea & Transitions

  As the steam rises from our tea, so shall we!  Dear Tea Friends,  My sincere apologies for it being such a long break since I last posted. I had a major transition take place in my life.  I went back to school. Teaching. Kindergarten! After nearly two decades away!!! Yes...that is where I have, eating, sleeping, and breathing kindergarten...well, breathing through a surgical face mask! Yes, I chose to return to teaching during a pandemic. This is not something I EVER imagined myself doing during year one of the virus. I was doing such a great job living as a tea hermit. Then as year two approached, I realized if I didn't go back to teaching this year, I probably never would. I knew this was the year I would turn 55. Although my age often surprises people, I feel like time is of the essence. My father died in April of 2021. My mom died 16 years ago. I know life can be too short.  So I followed a late-night Holy Spirit nudge to apply to an advertised teaching position

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