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I can no longer say that I never win anything. Especially on Instagram where I really hit the jackpot recently. It truly felt like the jackpot to me - something that perfectly aligns with my passions. What did I win, you ask? I won a free online Medicine Making course from Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine and lifetime access to the Foundations of Aromatherapy: Level One Certificate Program through New York Institute of Aromatic Studies !! I am already a student of NYIOA (which I LOVE and highly recommend if you are looking for solid aromatherapy education), so I was able to receive lifetime access to my previously taken foundations course, which will offer me full online access to all materials, lessons, videos, and updates - for life! That's really awesome!

I was just as elated to win the free herbal medicine making course from Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine. I remember when this course first came out and just how badly I wished to enroll, but it wasn't in my budget at …

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